What to do on August 15th in Emilia-Romagna


What to do on August 15th in Emilia-Romagna

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What to do on August 15th?
Every year, as happens with many other festivities, this is the age-old question. 
There are those who have planned this day for months, there are those who will be on vacation and do not think about it, but we also know that many will arrive at the last minute with an empty calendar!
We can not guarantee the fun, but once again we are here to give some good tips on what to do in mid-August starting from the full schedule of events.
 Here then we give you 4 ideas to spend the 15th of August in Emilia-Romagna, from Rimini to Piacenza, from the Mountains of the Apennines to the shores of the Adriatic sea…


Mare di Fuoco: as usual on the night of August 14th, colorful fireworks will light up the beach and the bathing establishments of the Rimini waterfront. Starting at 20.00 between the bathing establishments 130 and 150, it will be possible to witness an explosion of colors directly on the Adriatic Sea.
But Ferragosto in Rimini continues even in the bathhouses where concerts, initiatives, and events of all kinds will accompany guests throughout the week of August.

Bay Fest: the traditional music festival will close on Tuesday 14th, the punk-rock marathon that for years now sees some international bands performing on the beach.

Rustida di Ferragosto: the popular festival on August 14th that makes you taste the fish of the Romagna tradition returns to Cesenatico. On the evening of the 14th, the historic Cesenatico harbor will turn into a great opportunity for visitors to taste good fresh fish directly cooked by the skilled hands of the sailors who caught it. An opportunity to remember the great importance of fishing for the seaside resort and its traditions.
Cesenatico will celebrate also the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci with an original exhibit at the Maritime Museum dedicated to investigating and illustrating his interests in the naval field: representations, drawings, and studies referring to boats, ships, and their equipment. Throughout the summer inside the Maritime Museum, it will be possible to take a trip through the history of the Italian navy and in Leonardo’s military engineering studies.

Palio del Daino: if you are looking for true traditions, combined with stunning historical events you cannot miss the Palio del Daino in Mondaino, which takes place every year in the week of 15th August, in the beautiful village of Mondaino. Also this year the historical re-enactment that will take place from 15 to 18 August with shows, challenges, craft markets.


Ph. Ravenna Tourism


Who said that August in Italy is only at the beach?
The Art Cities of Emilia-Romagna in the central week of August are open to welcome visitors and tourists with plenty of events. Here is the list of events, museums and archaeological sites that will remain open on August 15th:

Who intends to stay in the vicinity of the sea for August 15th, but inside the suggestive historic center of Rimini, can opt for a tour between the art and the archeology of the ancient city: every summer Friday in fact, including August 16th, will kick off a journey to discover the old city of Ariminum that from the Visitor Center will take you to discover the treasures of the city and the surrounding area, to arrive at the extraordinary archaeological site of the Surgeon’s Domus which has brought to light, in addition to splendid mosaics and frescoes, the richest surgical instrumentation of antiquity.

A Cielo Aperto Festival: the music festival now at its seventh edition takes place, like every year, in the beautiful scenery of the Rocca Malatestiana of Cesena with the specific intent to combine high-quality music with the enhancement of historic sites of great value and charm. Do not miss this year the LIVE concert of “Nu Guinea“, scheduled for Sunday 18 August, in which the Band will bring all its innovative Neapolitan sound within the walls of the Malatesta fortress.

Calici sotto la Torre: a food and wine themed event organized for 10 and 11 August at the suggestive scenario of Torre di Oriolo. The Night of San Lorenzo will be an opportunity to spend a pleasant evening sipping a good glass of wine in the company of local producers. Lulled by pleasant background music, you will savor tasty traditional Romagna dishes.

Discovering the Archaeological Park of Classe: the city of Ravenna is preparing for a month of August in an archaeological-cultural key, where for every summer weekend it is scheduled a rich calendar of guided tours to discover the Classe Archaeological Park, consisting of the new Museum Classis Ravenna, from the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and from the ancient Roman harbor of Classe.

Aperitif and guided tour of the Ghirlandina Tower: never dreamed of climbing to the top of the Ghirlandina Tower in Modena to admire the sunset. Aperitif in the Tower every Friday of August allows you to climb into the tower at 19.30, accompanied by a guide who will show you the secrets of the Ghirlandina, offering the opportunity to admire the view from the Torresani room at a time when the tower normally is closed, and, at the exit, a toast at the foot of the Modena Tower.

The Fortune of the Scapiliata by Leonardo da Vinci: on display until August 12th at the Monumental Complex of the Pilotta of Parma you will find the beautiful Scapiliata by Leonardo. The exhibition is part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and, starting from four well-known masterpieces by the artist, the public will be able to admire other works by Gherardo Starnina, Bernardino Luini, Hans Holbein, Tintoretto, Giovanni Lanfranco, all gathered around to the beautiful Leonardo opera.

Other August Opening:

San Mauro Pascoli: Casa Pascoli (Opening: 16.00 – 19.00)
Sarsina: National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina (Opening 13.30 – 18.30 closing ticket office at 18.00)
Ferrara: National Archaeological Museum (Opening 9.30 am – 5.00 pm closing of the ticket office at 4.30 pm and extraordinary opening free of charge 17.30 – 24.00)
Ferrara: Casa Romei (Opening: 8.30 – 19.30 closing ticket office at 19.00)
Codigoro: Pomposa Abbey Complex (Opening 8.30 – 19.30 closing ticket office at 18.45)
Bobbio: Malaspina Castle (Opening: 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 -17.30)
Lugagnano Val d’Arda: Archaeological Area of the Roman city of Veleia (Opening: 9.00am – 7.00pm)
Langhirano: Torrechiara Castle (Opening: 10.30 – 19.30)
Faenza: Palazzo Milzetti – National Museum of the Neoclassical Age in Romagna (Opening 8.30 -18.30 last admission 5.30 pm)
Ravenna: Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe (Opening: 8.30 – 19.30 closing ticket office at 19.00)
Ravenna: Baptistery of the Arians (Opening: 8.30 -19.30)
Ravenna: Mausoleum of Theoderic (Opening: 8.30 – 19.00 closing ticket office at 18.30)
Ravenna: Theoderic Palace (Opening: 8.30 – 13.30)
Ravenna: National Museum of Ravenna (Opening: 8.30 – 19.30 closing ticket office at 19.00)
Russi: Archaeological Area and Roman Villa (Opening: 12.00 – 22.00 closing ticket office at 21.00)
Canossa: Canossa Castle and “Naborre Campanini” Museum (Opening: 9.00am – 1.00pm / 2.00pm – 8.00pm)
San Leo: Fortress of San Leo (Opening: 9.30 – 20.00 closing ticket office at 7.15 pm)


San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna – Ph. Paolo Forconi


Hikes and nature, August 15th is an excellent opportunity to leave the chaos of the most crowded places and take a trip out in the middle of the historic villages and Apennines nature: so why not equip and leave for the Apennines or one of the many Natural Parks of Emilia-Romagna?
Here is the list of events and parks for a little ‘relaxation at high altitude:

Lunata 100%: Friday, August 16 in Corniglio (Parma) there is a special “Lunata”, a night excursion where you are guided only by the light of the Moon to discover the sounds and animals of the Wood. An evening to spend together on paths suitable for all those who are willing to work a little.
Contacts: +39 328 8116651

Speleological Excursion to the Tanaccia Cave: as in the Jules Verne novels, a special visit is scheduled on Thursday 5th of August in which you will be able to take on the role of speleological explorers and admire the environments and the rock formations below ground level.
Contacts: +39 0546 80628

Tosco-Emiliano Apennines National Park
Foreste Casentinesi National Park
Inter-regional Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello
Po Delta Regional Park
Monteveglio Abbey Regional Park
High Modenese Apennines Regional Park
Corno alle Scale Regional Park
Boschi di Carrega Regional Park
Regional Park of Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell’Abbadessa
Regional Park of the Lakes of Suviana and Brasimone
Monte Sole Regional Park
Regional Park of Stirone and Piacenziano
Regional Park Sassi di Rocca Malatina
Taro River Regional Park
Trebbia river Regional Park
Regional Park of Vena del Gesso Romagnola
100 Lakes Regional Park


Foreste Casentinesi – Ph. Pixcube.it




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