| 24 September 2018

Why do you live well in a land? What are the factors on which a good quality of life is based? Surely living according to a healthy style with sustainable rhythms, eating wholesome seasonal foods,… Read more >>

| 17 September 2018

Health and Gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna have a connection that is lost in time. During the centuries this region in the North of Italy has selected its best foods and has been able to express 44 regional… Read more >>

| 10 September 2018

Sport in Romagna is one of those activities that have always distinguished the Wellness Valley lifestyle, based on two main values: the search for the most authentic well-being and the desire to improve life’s quality. From… Read more >>

| 25 June 2018

Emilia-Romagna has a vast and so varied territory that at any moment can offer completely different experiences. In fact, from the blue of the Adriatic sea to the green of the Apennines mountains there are… Read more >>

| 22 May 2018

For lovers of slow tourism and holidays on two wheels the Romagna territory offers numerous itineraries among nature, culture, typical products and breathtaking views. Here we selected 4 easy routes, suitable for everyone: let’s discover… Read more >>