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| 13 July 2018
In the heart of Emilia there's a city with a rich gastronomic tradition, home to unique recipes that smell like home. We're talking about Modena and in... Read more >>
| 13 June 2018
Laying on a land with the big valleys of the Apennines at their back and overlooking the Via Aemilia, the cities of Forlì and Cesena are representative... Read more >>
| 23 May 2018
Ferrara boasts an extraordinary quantity of typical dishes, a symptom of how culinary art has always had great importance in the cultural tradition of... Read more >>
| 02 May 2018
Beyond its amazing cultural heritage and landscape with mosaics and ancient basilicas, sea and century-old pine forests by the coast, valleys and wet areas,... Read more >>
| 27 April 2018
Every year, thousands of tourists flood in RIMINI, on the beaches or in the valleys of the rivers Conca and Marecchia, searching for the historical and... Read more >>
| 04 April 2018
It is not a secret that in Bologna, nicknamed "the Fat city", the food is awesome. Less known can instead be some of its most typical dishes, beyond those... Read more >>