Tag: Via Emilia

| 02 October 2017
Dozza is a small town in the heart of the Bologna area on the border with Romagna, that is familiar to street-art aficionados for its murals and to wine... Read more >>
| 17 October 2016
Today we bring you along the Via Emilia of engines, including automobile manufacturers, motorcycle and circuits which are protagonists of compelling stories. The... Read more >>
| 12 July 2016
Emilia Romagna is one of those regions that has given birth to some of the most famous fashion brands in the world: Armani in Piacenza, MaxMara in Reggio... Read more >>
| 08 April 2016
It's so easy falling in love with the clear sky above Apennines, the sunrises over the sea, the sunsets over Bologna's hills. It's more difficult, instead,... Read more >>
| 19 February 2016
"We're in Ferrara province, that lies in the region of Emilia Romagna which is also known as "the kitchen of Italy", That's like crème the la crème,... Read more >>