Tag: Via Emilia

| 29 June 2018
O book, leave for Rome: if they ask you where you are from, you will say from the region of the via Emilia. (Martial, Epigram, III, 4) Everyone knows... Read more >>
| 10 October 2017
This small medieval town is a travellers’ delight, a feast of ancient legends and modern cinema in the heart of the High Val Trebbia, dubbed “the most... Read more >>
| 02 October 2017
Dozza is a small town in the heart of the Bologna area on the border with Romagna, that is familiar to street-art aficionados for its murals and to wine... Read more >>
| 17 October 2016
Today we bring you along the Via Emilia of engines, including automobile manufacturers, motorcycle and circuits which are protagonists of compelling stories. The... Read more >>