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| 13 June 2017
Cyclist ventures to Emilia-Romagna, Italy, and discovers that the spirit of Marco Pantani still very much lives on. We’ve arrived in what locals... Read more >>
| 21 March 2017
Saturday, March 25 will mark the birthday of Marco Belinelli, Italian basketball player from Emilia Romagna and only in Italian basketball history to win... Read more >>
| 12 January 2017
For climbing lovers, the Apennines of Emilia Romagna offers a wide range of possibilities, from small boulders for beginners to hard climbs for mountaineers... Read more >>
| 10 January 2017
Let’s imagine that you are looking for something different and entertaining to boost your weekend, on the one side because you need to change something... Read more >>
| 08 August 2016
VecchioJo follows a Pro’s wheel round the Nove Colli. I’m doing the Nove Colli by mistake. I’m also doing 50kph at the start of a 200km long... Read more >>
| 17 May 2016
The locals of the northern Italian region Emilia-Romagna are said to have one of the highest qualities of life of any people in Europe. It is a wonderland... Read more >>