Tag: Snow sports

| 26 January 2018
If you're searching for a destination for a white weekend with family & friends on the Italian Apennines, here are the ideal places in the area of Forlì... Read more >>
| 13 January 2017
They're cold days in Italy... Frost, cold, ice, how many times have you heard these words in last days? An arctic low-pressure area is going through... Read more >>
| 15 December 2016
One of the favorite topics during lunches and dinners of Christmas with relatives undoubtedly affect the amount of snow that is no longer what it once... Read more >>
| 08 January 2016
The New Year welcomed us with a white surprise: awaited for long and from so many, the first snow of 2016 has gently whitened the hills and mountains of... Read more >>
| 03 March 2014
All the ski resorts in the Apennines monuntains of Emilia Romagna region linked together are like an imaginary 250 km long run with state-of-the-art facilities,... Read more >>