Tag: Slow Tourism

| 12 March 2018

Woods and green pinewoods, a rich population of flora and fauna, valleys and basins of freshwater and salted water, fresh and brackish water valleys and rivers that flow into the Adriatic: these are the quintessential… Read more >>

| 09 March 2018

Italy is an ancient country, rich in legends and curiosities. These stories often remain hidden within the names of cities and places or in the small details in their streets. Some traditions ceased to exist… Read more >>

| 06 March 2018

Walking slowly, savoring the rhythm of steps on the earth, traveling with eyes to the horizon, where the sky merges with the sea and the earth. A journey on foot brings emotions, a wealth of… Read more >>

| 26 February 2018

Excursions, boat trips, and a millennium-old history to discover. Spending some springtime in Rimini doesn’t necessarily mean sunbathing on the beach. A land rich in history, nature and excellent gastronomy is within reach. Along with… Read more >>

| 20 October 2017

A 5-day walk from the Adriatic Sea to the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines through the atmospheric and breathtaking Valmarecchia valley, a landscape of forests, rivers and fortified old hilltop towns – a completely new experience infused with… Read more >>

| 07 September 2017

Looking onto the Rubicone Valley amid vineyards, orchards and olive groves stands the historic little burg of Longiano. This fortified medieval gem dominates the lush landscapes of Cesena and Rimini from its perch in the… Read more >>