Tag: Riviera di Rimini

| 21 September 2018

In a land of villages and castles, historically dominated by some of the greatest Families of History, there are places and legends that still maintain an aura of mystery, allowing us to fantasize about the… Read more >>

| 26 February 2018

Excursions, boat trips, and a millennium-old history to discover. Spending a few days in Rimini doesn’t just mean sunbathing on the beach. A land rich in history, nature and excellent gastronomy is within reach. Along… Read more >>

| 23 August 2017

Maioletto was a medieval town that rose in the high Marecchia Valley, in Rimini’s hinterland. During the Middle Ages, Maioletto was an important settlement near a cliff, dominated by a fortress considered by everyone to… Read more >>

| 22 January 2015

Sometimes in Emilia Romagna we forget that hospitality and warm welcoming tradition are not everywhere in the world and not available for every tourist travelling around the world. Event like the Tripadvisor Travellers’ choice that awarded Hotel… Read more >>

| 04 April 2014

The Pink Night 2014 edition has been announced: all together … with passion the first we of July. A rich calendar of unforgettable events, all linked to the Italian Passion, topic of this 9th edition. Every… Read more >>

| 06 September 2013

Someone used to called the truffle “the kitchen diamond”, what is definitely true is that this very peculiar fruit of the earth is an incredible and versatile ingredient of simple and topclass cooking. In Emilia… Read more >>