Tag: Rimini

| 24 August 2017
Here in the Rimini hinterland is a place where time has stood still, where the breeze wafts gently off the Adriatic to caress one of Italy’s most beautiful... Read more >>
| 23 August 2017
Maioletto was a medieval town that rose in the high Marecchia Valley, in Rimini's hinterland. During the Middle Ages, Maioletto was an important settlement... Read more >>
| 11 August 2017
There is something about Rimini and Fellini that is undeniable: Rimini is Federico Fellini just as much as Federico Fellini is Rimini. It doesn't matter... Read more >>
| 11 May 2016
Throughout the centuries, Italian Squares were used to sale local products, to administrate the justice and to celebrate civil & religious cults,... Read more >>
| 01 April 2016
A phototrip across Romagna -through Cesena, Cesenatico, Cervia and Rimini- with the Instagram photograper Davide Pretto aka @dvdprtto. Take a deep breathe... Read more >>