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| 12 February 2018
“Reggio, daring and graceful, this daughter of Marco Emilio Lepido consul and mother of Ludovico Ariosto” Giosuè Carducci (Poet), 1897 Man-sized... Read more >>
| 20 April 2017
Gualtieri, a small yet richly historical town on the banks of the River Po, is an acknowledged masterpiece of late-16th-century urbanism. [caption id="attachment_9552"... Read more >>
| 21 March 2017
Saturday, March 25 will mark the birthday of Marco Belinelli, Italian basketball player from Emilia Romagna and only in Italian basketball history to win... Read more >>
| 17 May 2016
Saturday June 18th in Reggio Emilia a workshop on travel photography with Lola Akinmade Åkerström of National Geographic Creative: "Doing Travel Photography"... Read more >>
| 03 May 2016
LittleCarsAdventurER becomes an exhibition! Emilia Romagna Tourism takes part to the side program of Fotografia Europea festival with an exhibition dedicated... Read more >>
| 10 December 2015
Kurt Ganapathy is a writer from Singapore "searching for stories in everyday moments". Here's the Instagram travel diary of his experience in the Lambrusco... Read more >>