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| 05 December 2018
Have you always wanted to take cooking lessons with the greatest chefs from Emilia-Romagna? Now you can! Tales from the FoodValley is a small series... Read more >>
| 12 September 2017
Do you TV shows about food? What about Italian food? How about learning what goes into creating great recipes? While those are too many questions to answer... Read more >>
| 05 September 2017
Summer is over, in the evening we need to put on the coat, and it's not time to get out of the job that starts to drift, but not all the bad things come... Read more >>
| 22 August 2016
If The New York Times Food gets wrong, the famous Chef Bruno Barbieri, born in Bologna, responds and reveals his personal recipe for a true mouth-watering... Read more >>
| 30 May 2016
On May 20 the 5th episode of Rick Stein's Long Weekends has been aired on BBC Two: an episode dedicated to our Bologna, the red - fat - learned city :) If... Read more >>