Tag: Ravenna

| 16 November 2017
When I want to understand the history of Italy I take a train and travel to Ravenna Arnaldo Momigliano Ravenna is a city that is able to SURPRISE... Read more >>
| 04 October 2017
Ravenna is a natural observatory on what happens inside and around the mosaic. Its history and monuments offer an immense both visual and cultural horizon... Read more >>
| 01 August 2017
A new episode of our video project dedicated to Emilia-Romagna's handmade activities takes us to Ravenna to discover how the ancient art of Mosaic has... Read more >>
| 13 June 2017
Would you ever expect a museum inside a shopping center? In Ravenna this is possible in the MIR halls where you can visit the Vespa Museum! With a free... Read more >>