Tag: Ravenna

| 04 October 2017
Ravenna is a natural observatory on what happens inside and around the mosaic. Its history and monuments offer an immense both visual and cultural horizon... Read more >>
| 01 August 2017
A new episode of our video project dedicated to Emilia-Romagna's handmade activities takes us to Ravenna to discover how the ancient art of Mosaic has... Read more >>
| 13 June 2017
Would you ever expect a museum inside a shopping center? In Ravenna this is possible in the MIR halls where you can visit the Vespa Museum! With a free... Read more >>
| 19 April 2016
There are so many places to discover in Emilia Romagna, sometimes they are very famous, sometimes no. It is the case of Francesco Baracca Museum, dedicated... Read more >>
| 02 May 2012
The following “my Emilia-Romagna” is a special one. It’s an account of more voices put together, it’s the choral idea a group of people got while... Read more >>
| 07 December 2011
Our trip begun on the 04th Sept, 2008. We left Germany (Sachsen Anhalt) to travel to Italy by car. These were going to stay 10 days in Italy… but the... Read more >>