Tag: Po Delta Park

| 17 May 2018

A small village in the province of Ferrara, Comacchio rises in the middle of a lagoon of the same name and was originally built by joining 13 small islands formed at the mouth of the… Read more >>

| 23 April 2018

On the eastern border of the Po Valley, where the Po river has its delta into the Adriatic Sea, there’s a park. It is located along the 40 km of the Ferrara and Ravenna coast… Read more >>

| 19 September 2016

Emilia-Romagna is not just art and gastronomy: in this land that goes from the Adriatic Sea to the Apennines, you will find some of the rarest ecosystems in Europe and a network of natural parks… Read more >>

| 17 March 2016

This is a metaphoric story about being free. Being free to live your dreams, freedom of mind, free to do what you love to do. The story is told with impressions and emotions we lived… Read more >>

| 11 March 2016

A day in the Po Delta discovering Comacchio and its wonderful valleys: a lovely video by VisitFerrara.

| 10 November 2014

“Following a voice, and it is like following the banks of a river flowing with something that can not be understood abstractly” [Gianni Celati, Verso la Foce, Feltrinelli 1989] ERTstory, the project of Emilia Romagna… Read more >>