Tag: Piacenza

| 08 October 2018

The end of summer is the perfect season to extend the summer enthusiasm and enjoy a weekend in open air: temperatures are still pleasant and tempting to leave for adventures towards unusual destinations, better if… Read more >>

| 21 May 2018

Let’s face it: to take a leisure weekend with your loved ones is not only beautiful, but also necessary to get away from the everyday routine. That’s the reason why the autumn of a few… Read more >>

| 15 March 2018

Did you know that, in the past, the expression “stuff from Piasensa” referred to delicacies like cheese and salami? If you intend to visit Piacenza or its villages (Bobbio, Castell’Arquato, and Vigoleno), you’d better prepare… Read more >>

| 23 November 2017

Piacenza was founded by the Romans on the banks of the Po river and enclosed between the hills and mountains of the Apennines. It’s the gateway to Emilia and is a sober and reserved city… Read more >>

| 06 July 2017

You’re driving through the lanes in the Piacenza countryside, up hill, down dale and past a swathe of vineyards, when suddenly a tiny town of medieval towers and battlements pops up out of the landscape…. Read more >>

| 27 April 2017

Perched on a rocky spur on the ridge separating the Ongina and Stirone valleys, the village of Vigoleno is one of the most historically and visually fascinating in Piacenza province. The earliest historical mention of… Read more >>