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| 11 July 2018

Hayley Lewis, aka A Lovely Planet, recently packed up her healthy appetite and embarked upon a culinary journey through Emilia-Romagna, top European destination to visit in 2018 according to Lonely Planet. Here’s what she found… Read more >>

| 14 February 2018

After Forbes, which crowned Emilia Romagna as “Italy’s Greatest Gastronomic Treasure”, Parma has been recognized as UNESCO City for Gastronomy. The Emilian cuisine is often identified with Bologna’s tortellini, while some typical recipes are only known… Read more >>

| 08 February 2018

It’s easy to live in Parma, but you have to agree with the people about music and gastronomy (Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma) Also known as the Ducal city, due to its history but also… Read more >>

| 28 November 2017

About 25 km from Parma and around the first hills of the Apennines, rises the Autodromo di Varano which boasts over 40 years of experience in the world of racing and road safety and it still… Read more >>

| 25 October 2017

The territory identified by the LoveTaro&Ceno brand is a geographical area that unites the 16 towns rising in the valleys along the Rivers Taro and Ceno, on the Apennines of Parma: a land with a… Read more >>

| 17 August 2017

Down on the plain, just a few miles from the Via Aemilia route between Parma and Fidenza, there is a little town where you can savour the easy pace of life in the meandering Po… Read more >>