Tag: Nature

| 10 April 2018

After the first episode here we are with some new tips in case you want to discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Emilia-Romagna. Ready to immerse yourself in water and nature with us? Cascate… Read more >>

| 09 April 2018

On spring weekends Emilia Romagna offers fantastic corners of relaxation in nature, away from traffic and city chaos. Without necessarily covering hundreds of kilometers, you can find the much-desired silence even among the valleys of… Read more >>

| 30 March 2018

When we talk about art, we instinctively think about those figurative expressions like painting, sculpture, architecture, and similars that recall, in one way or another, a concept of beauty that has been defining our beauty… Read more >>

| 29 March 2018

Spring has come here in Emilia-Romagna: long days and warm rays of sun are back! There’s no better way to celebrate the most poetic season than a walk in the countryside, looking for a corner… Read more >>

| 20 March 2018

Walking into Nature until the limit of human civilization, where the forest finds its original state in the kingdom of wild animals. Hiking in Nature is one of those activities that still allows access to… Read more >>

| 12 March 2018

Woods and green pinewoods, a rich population of flora and fauna, valleys and basins of freshwater and salted water, fresh and brackish water valleys and rivers that flow into the Adriatic: these are the quintessential… Read more >>