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| 16 January 2018
The Marco Simoncelli Museum was built in Coriano, the birthplace of the Italian pilot, in December 2012 and it is both a museum gallery and a journey to... Read more >>
| 09 January 2018
"If you want to achieve great things, you need to think big” Enzo Ferrari The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena delivers a unique and enthralling museum... Read more >>
| 04 January 2018
On December 14th, in Ferrara, officially opened its doors the MEIS, the national museum dedicated to Jewish history and life, starting from the experience... Read more >>
| 17 December 2017
Emilia Romagna boasts the presence of many curious museums that can combine culture with fun, curiosity and passion for tradition. Thanks to these collections,... Read more >>
| 14 December 2017
This week we talk about Forlì and its art in just three minutes reading time! Founded by the Romans in the II century with the name of Forum Livii,... Read more >>