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| 15 February 2018

Of every city of Romagna, Cesena is the most secret one. (Sergio Zavoli, I giorni della meraviglia, 1994) Cesena is right in the heart of Emilia Romagna and it develops on the historic Via Aemilia;… Read more >>

| 09 February 2018

Archaeology means emotions, sense of wonder for discovery, but also love for travel. It’s a journey backwards in history, that aims at knowing step by step what our origins are and from where we come…. Read more >>

| 02 February 2018

If you look Bologna from above, you would never imagine what the underground hides beyond the net of century-old buildings. Nonetheless, beyond the streets and piazzas of the city on which thousands of people walk,… Read more >>

| 26 January 2018

Sulle cime più alte ci si rende conto che la neve, il cielo e l’oro hanno lo stesso valore. – Boris Vian   Even if you’re back to work, a few white weekends on the… Read more >>

| 12 January 2018

Start this year with a scent of hospitality and company, at the upcoming food events you can rediscover the taste of good food and good wine. After all, as it is said in Romagna: A… Read more >>

| 11 January 2018

Le città di Lamone e di Santerno conduce il lïoncel dal nido bianco, che muta parte da la state al verno. Dante Alighieri (Inferno, XXVII) Faenza is an ancient city of art, which is traversed by… Read more >>