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| 16 April 2018
Our heading dedicated to Natural Parks in Emilia-Romagna goes on: today we go discovering the natural parks of Bologna, from the first hills to the peaks... Read more >>
| 06 March 2018
Every walker is always looking for an inner dimension that manifests itself in a situation, in an encounter with a particular nature that is not just a... Read more >>
| 20 October 2017
A 5-day walk from the Adriatic Sea to the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines through the atmospheric and breathtaking Valmarecchia valley, a landscape of forests,... Read more >>
| 09 October 2017
Nestling in Frignano Park, in a strategic spot on the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, the little town of Sestola clambers up the slopes of Mount... Read more >>
| 21 August 2017
The Piccola Cassia Way is an ancient Roman road that extends the route of the better-known Cassia Way through the country between Modena and Bologna. It... Read more >>
| 07 August 2017
The Romea Strata Way is the name given to a series of age-old ways from central and eastern Europe to the north-eastern gateway to the Italian peninsula... Read more >>