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| 10 January 2018
Bologna is famous in Italy and abroad not only for its gastronomic tradition, but also for its ancient cultural soul. Flagship of the so called Learned... Read more >>
| 01 August 2017
A new episode of our video project dedicated to Emilia-Romagna's handmade activities takes us to Ravenna to discover how the ancient art of Mosaic has... Read more >>
| 29 March 2017
The name cappellaccio comes from the shape of the hat of local peasants, in fact in Ferrara’s dialect cappellaccio pasta is actually called "caplàz" In... Read more >>
| 22 February 2017
In a small street on the border of the historic center of Parma, there's a very special bicycle shop, one of the few remaining in Italy, which continues... Read more >>
| 27 October 2016
We are currently the only ones left who are carrying on this tradition...unfortunately. If there would be more, it would be better There is, hidden among... Read more >>