Tag: Ferrara

| 11 July 2016
This blogpost is the translation of an Italian article by Barbara Lunghi (@skynet70) on instaexplorer.it; here the original version. Ferrara, UNESCO... Read more >>
| 11 May 2016
Throughout the centuries, Italian Squares were used to sale local products, to administrate the justice and to celebrate civil & religious cults,... Read more >>
| 17 March 2016
This is a metaphoric story about being free. Being free to live your dreams, freedom of mind, free to do what you love to do. The story is told with impressions... Read more >>
| 19 February 2016
"We're in Ferrara province, that lies in the region of Emilia Romagna which is also known as "the kitchen of Italy", That's like crème the la crème,... Read more >>