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| 09 August 2017
After the video Life in Emilia-Romagna, Rui is back with new shorter videos about some of the experiences he made during his stay in our land for the... Read more >>
| 29 March 2017
The name cappellaccio comes from the shape of the hat of local peasants, in fact in Ferrara’s dialect cappellaccio pasta is actually called "caplàz" In... Read more >>
| 16 March 2017
“The residences of the Dukes of Este in the Po Delta area perfectly visualize the Renaissance culture effects on a natural landscape” The Este Villas... Read more >>
| 11 July 2016
This blogpost is the translation of an Italian article by Barbara Lunghi (@skynet70) on instaexplorer.it; here the original version. Ferrara, UNESCO... Read more >>
| 11 May 2016
Throughout the centuries, Italian Squares were used to sale local products, to administrate the justice and to celebrate civil & religious cults,... Read more >>
| 17 March 2016
This is a metaphoric story about being free. Being free to live your dreams, freedom of mind, free to do what you love to do. The story is told with impressions... Read more >>