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| 08 May 2018
Virtually more than one event a week dedicated to engines and speed, ranging from historical reenactments, speed championships, and road tests to the legendary... Read more >>
| 18 April 2018
As soon as you go out from work, one day like another, you sense something different, you immediately feel that spring has arrived. In the evening, before,... Read more >>
| 01 March 2018
The tradition of the Palio is one of the most fascinating traditions in Italian history. It is a competition between the "contrade", divided into districts... Read more >>
| 16 February 2018
Romagna is known as a part of Italy where you are never bored, especially in Summer. But how many know it is also an enjoyable destination in the middle... Read more >>
| 06 February 2018
2018 is the Year of Italian Food in the World and Emilia-Romagna, the culinary cradle of Italy, presents itself in a big event in New York City.   On... Read more >>
| 04 January 2018
On December 14th, in Ferrara, officially opened its doors the MEIS, the national museum dedicated to Jewish history and life, starting from the experience... Read more >>