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| 11 October 2019
Inspiration and role model since 1300 for a number of persons of letters, who had to compete with his poetry, Dante Alighieri is maybe the most famous... Read more >>
| 13 September 2019
As many of you may already know, the remains of the Father of the Italian Literature Dante Alighieri are preserved in Ravenna in a temple built in the... Read more >>
| 07 September 2018
Do you know that the tomb of Dante Alighieri is not in Florence but is Ravenna? It is right in this city of Romagna that, between 13th and 14th September... Read more >>
| 06 June 2017
“A journey through history and the natural world that inspired one of the fathers of Italy’s language and culture, through age-old castles, magical... Read more >>