Tag: Christmas

| 15 December 2017
Today we take you on a photographic tour of Emilia-Romagna in December, when city centers shine thanks to the sparkling Christmas lights and the villages... Read more >>
| 27 November 2017
Holidays are approaching and with them also the stress that usually assaults us, before, during and even after. To eliminate it, enjoying the best of... Read more >>
| 19 December 2016
Christmas holidays are coming to Emilia Romagna! This is the perfect occasion to spend your time with your family, between cosiness and unconditional... Read more >>
| 16 December 2016
Sweetly lying in the northern Italian landscape the Emilia Romagna's cities have a magical and charming during the Christmas days. In order to offer you... Read more >>
| 13 December 2016
The 2017 has been named as the year of the Villages in Italy and Emilia-Romagna offers you the opportunity to discover them many days ahead of time: here 6... Read more >>
| 12 December 2016
Dear Santa, only a few weeks left before your arrival and I haven't bought anything yet. No present, nothing for me and nothing for others. I don't have... Read more >>