Tag: Cervia

| 06 September 2017
“It is not possible to conceive the idea of a civilised society without the use of salt” Pliny the Elder (XXXI, 88 - I Century AD) One of a kind... Sweet... Read more >>
| 17 March 2017
The springy Emilia-Roamgna's sky gets colored by the gaudy shapes and the geometric lines of the funny kites of Cervia: The International Kites Festival... Read more >>
| 01 April 2016
A phototrip across Romagna -through Cesena, Cesenatico, Cervia and Rimini- with the Instagram photograper Davide Pretto aka @dvdprtto. Take a deep breathe... Read more >>
| 02 May 2012
The following “my Emilia-Romagna” is a special one. It’s an account of more voices put together, it’s the choral idea a group of people got while... Read more >>