Tag: Art Cities

| 04 September 2018
"If you want to understand the world in which you live, learn to know the art that it produces" (Giorgio Grasso, art critic) The term "contemporary... Read more >>
| 07 June 2018
Maybe less known than other art collections in Italy, but equally rich and fascinating: we're talking about the Maramotti Collection of Reggio Emilia,... Read more >>
| 15 February 2018
Of every city of Romagna, Cesena is the most secret one. (Sergio Zavoli, I giorni della meraviglia, 1994) Cesena is right in the heart of Emilia... Read more >>
| 12 February 2018
“Reggio, daring and graceful, this daughter of Marco Emilio Lepido consul and mother of Ludovico Ariosto” Giosuè Carducci (Poet), 1897 Man-sized... Read more >>
| 08 February 2018
Parma in 3 minutes: all you need to know about the ducal city when you're planning a travel in Emilia-Romagna Also known as the Ducal city, due... Read more >>
| 25 January 2018
"Mutinam, firmissimam et splendidissimam populi Romani coloniam" Cicerone, Filippiche (V, 24) [caption id="attachment_11673" align="aligncenter"... Read more >>