Sustainable tourism: how to make ecological holidays


Sustainable tourism: how to make ecological holidays

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There are many ways to travel, discover a place and live tourism. Today we return to talk about that type of tourist experience that allows you to explore a territory in respect and safeguard of the ecosystem, trying to minimize the environmental impact of structures and activities related to travel.

Sustainable tourism offers the opportunity to reach the most hidden corners of a locality, discovering the less-known part of the cultural, artistic and environmental heritage, keeping you in contact and harmony with nature. Emilia Romagna has always been attentive to the promotion and enhancement of the environment and is able to offer to visitors an experience that goes beyond the traditional journey. This vocation makes it possible to find proposals that can satisfy every need and guarantee a “green experience” at 360 degrees.

Where to Lodge

The first thing you think about when organizing an holidays is a place to stay. In Emilia Romagna, there are several structures that care about sustainability, respect for nature and environment. A list of these structures can be found on the Official Tourist Site, where you can search by type of structure, as well as by location.

The second thing you think about is the activities to do during the holiday, and here the choice is really wide.


Let’s start by talking about cycling tourism, where there are many possibilities. Among the proposals, there is the cycleway of the parks that includes about 10 cycle paths inside the natural parks and nature reserves of the Region, ranging from the Po Valley to the Apennines, passing through the famous Bologna’s Hills. Along these routes, you can discover the natural, historical and architectural beauties of Emilia Romagna.

If you want to cycle through the main cities, there are no problems. The province of Ferrara, for example, offers 98 cycle routes, in addition to bike rental or sharing services. These services are also available in the other cities.
Thanks to its extensive network of cycle paths, Emilia Romagna is the second largest region in Italy in terms of number of tracks.

Walk and trekking

In Emilia Romagna, there is also a wide choice for those who decide to dedicate themselves to hiking, with many walking itineraries. The region is part of the European network of Hiking Europe, a project that offers a network of 1,170 km of itineraries off the beaten track in the four European areas.

One of the most fascinating routes is the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage way that in the Middle Ages linked Canterbury to Rome and to the ports of Puglia, today rediscovered by modern wayfarers.
But there are many other itineraries; among the main ones, there is the Alta Via dei Parchi or the route along the Oasi Costiera dei 4 Comuni della Romagna.

Horse Trail

In addition to the paths to be covered by bike or on foot, there are also paths for horseback riding lovers.

Many paths are waiting for you, which will allow you to ride along ancient roads, along a system of roads and paths that crosses the entire territory of Emilia-Romagna.

So, do you want to make a sustainable holiday #InEmiliaRomagna?


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