Social Travel Summit 2019 comes to Ravenna


Social Travel Summit 2019 comes to Ravenna

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We’re very glad to announce that Social Travel Summit 2019 is coming to Emilia-Romagna!
From Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th of September the 2019 edition of this important conference for professional travel influencers takes place in Ravenna.

Discover the programme and the speakers.

  • Ravenna – Complex of San Vitale
    Ph. @serge_us via Instagram

  • Ravenna, Basilica of San Vitale
    Ph. Archive RavennaTourism images

  • Ravenna, Basilica of San Vitale
    Ph. Wwikiwalter via Wiki Love Monuments

  • Ravenna, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
    Ph. isatz via Wikimedia

  • Ravenna, Neonian Baptistery
    Ph. Andrea Bernabini

  • Ravenna, Classe Pine Forest
    Ph. myravenna

  • Classis Ravenna – Museum of the City and of the Territory
    Ph. RavennAntica

  • Ravenna, Ancient Franciscan Cloisters
    Ph. Nicola Strocchi, Archive RavennaTourism images

  • Ravenna, Crypt of Basilica di San Francesco
    Ph. Nicola Strocchi, Archive RavennaTourism images

  • Ravenna, Dante’s Tomb
    Ph. Giacomo Banchelli, Archive RavennaTourism images

  • idDante, Ravenna
    Kobra “Dante Alighieri”

  • Ravenna, Darsena 3.0
    Grain warehouses (Via Manfredi Eustachio 2, Ravenna)

  • Ravenna, Sunset at Marina Romea
    Ph. Alessandra Monti via

Monday September 23rd is the arrival day for all participants and in the late-afternoon everyone can take part to an exclusive tour of Basilica San Vitale, that is UNESCO World Heritage site.
After the tour, participants can register for the conference at the National Museum of Ravenna, next door to the Basilica. Here participants will be welcomed with a drink, followed by the Opening Reception.
On both conference days, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th, shuttle buses will ferry participants to/from the Classis Ravenna Museum, where STS will be held. The conference kicks off at 9am. In the evening, delegates will be invited to the STS Gala Dinner at one of Ravenna’s most beautiful palaces.
The conference continues on Wednesday September 25th and ends with a closing party on the beach: a last evening of fun, food and drinks by the seaside.

Founded in 2014, the Summit is organized by the travel influencer network iAmbassador, in collaboration with Reiseblogger Kollektiv and Traveldudes. After each Summit, a Think Tank report is published, to share what emerged during the conference days about the future of digital travel content and influencer marketing.
Read more about the history of Social Travel Summit and the previous conferences.

If you’re attending the Summit, below as related articles you can find a list of blogpost that can be useful to discover more about Ravenna and surroundings.




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