Go skiing #inEmiliaRomagna | Appennino Forlivese


Go skiing #inEmiliaRomagna | Appennino Forlivese

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If you’re searching for a destination for a white weekend with family & friends on the Italian Apennines, here are the ideal places in the area of Forlì Apennines, where you can ski, snowboard and enjoy the cool weather at high altitude!

Le Balze Monte Fumaiolo | 1100-1473 meters

The skii station of Balze is located near Verghereto, situated in the upper Savio Valley, and is particularly popular with cross-country skiers. There are three medium-difficulty downhill and one cross-country ski slopes:

  • Red Slopes – downhill, two slopes are 800 mt. long and one is 1km long
  • Cross-country ski, The ring runway of the Fumaiolo is about 5 km long and touches the springs of the Tiber.
  • Fumipark, snowboard area

Prices: daily skipass 19€, afternoon 14€. The Biancaneve Lodge offers also the seasonal skipass.

All the ski slopes have a ski lift (ski lifts) and an artificial snow-making system; at the hut at the top of the ski lifts it is possible to rent any kind of ski and snowboard equipment.
In addition to skiing you can also go to Monte Fumaiolo for snowshoes, snowmobiles, mountain biking and organized trekking by Associazione Fumaiolo Sentieri.

Info: tel. +39 0543 906659

  • Le Balze – @dilettameliani

  • Le Balze – @federika.v

  • Campigna – @motetito01

  • Campigna – @yeahdea

Campigna, Montefalco | 1488-1650 meters

Campigna skii station has been expanded in recent years. It has two lifts (skilifts and treadmills) that serve more slopes, you will find descents of different difficulty and for all tastes:

  • Skii School (120m)
  • Cross-country ski (3000m)
  • Bob Slope (100m)
  • Red Slope (1100m)
  • Black Slope (950m)
  • Hiking route (varia lunghezza)
  • Snowboard area (varia difficolà)
  • Cross-country ski (5000m)

Prices: daily skipass 18€, half day 15€.

For those who do not have their own equipment for skiing on site, it is possible to rent ski boots and rackets or snowboards at the very start of the slopes. The area is now served with the free wii fii, a bar park in the snow park area and there is a new route for pedestrians and snowshoes only, for snow hikers. From Campigna there is also a dense and complete network of paths that allow a full immersion in the Foreste Casentinesi, one of the oldest and most important forests at national level (if you have not yet visited it will be the right opportunity to do so!). numerous events are organized on the same paths: trail races, mountaineering marches and snow&nature programs that will involve pets in sleddogs.

Info: tel. +39 0543 980051 – fax +39 0543 980013

How to get to Le Balze

By Train:
From Cesena – 65 Km.

By Car:
Autostrada A14 to Casello di Cesena Nord, Superstrada E45 exit Verghereto and go to Balze-Monte Fumaiolo
From Cesena SS71 to Verghereto, then follow to Balze-Monte Fumaiolo.

By Bus:
You can find buses leaving from Cesena.

Hot to get to Campigna

By Train:
Stop in Forlì, then get the bus to Campigna (leaves 4 times per day) – 64 Km

By Car:
From Florence, follow to Passo della Consuma, once in Stia look for Campigna – 68 Km
From Arezzo, go to Bibbiena, to Stia and then to Campigna.
From Modena Autostrada A14, exit Casello di Forlì, then go to Meldola, Santa Sofia and finally Campigna – 65 Km
From Cesena, drive to Forlimpopoli, then Meldola and Santa Sofia, finally Campigna – 80 Km
From Rimini, Autostrada A14 exit Cesena and go to Forlimpopoli, then Meldola, Santa Sofia and Campigna – 87 Km


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