Save a Word


Save a Word

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What should you do if you find a treasure? I am thinking about an original Turner painting or the golden ticket in a Wonka bar, what should you do?

At Emilia Romagna Tourism we found a veritable treasure thanks to #Adotta una parola [“Save a Word”] the crowdsourcing project aimed at mapping and keeping updated the Wikipedia entries related to culture and tourism in Emilia Romagna. The unexpected success of the Italian version of “Save a word” has been made possible thanks to more than 100 co-operators- citizens, tourists, Tourism Boards and Municipalities among them- who have “adopted” one (or more) words as a foster parent, taking care of them and following their process of growth. While we’re writing, the Italian version of “Save a word” counts on a set of 298 entries, 240 of which have already been “adopted” and are being taken care of.

Thus, at Emilia Romagna Tourism we decided to go international by translating the entries to English and Spanish. The 298 entries of the Italian set are going to be our starting point , but it does not mean a mere translation job: it means we need to check mistakes, to add what it is missed and to amend what it is incomplete. We would like to have all the entries available in (more or less) all the languages of Wiki.

How to work magic? We definitely need your help, we would like to work “crowdsourced”, it means that we will make available for the community the set of entries and any foster parent could choose an item and take care of it. The staff of Emilia Romagna tourism will deal with a first group of entries that have not been chosen by a foster parent.

But one of the most beautiful aspects of this, is the one concerning the Spanish translation of the words. This will be made possible thanks to the Council of Italians from Emilia-Romagna in the World, and especially thanks to the Emilia-Romagna Association of the Comarca Viedma-Carmen de Patagones.

The intention of Magalì Pizarro, coordinator and ambassador of Emilia-Romagna Tourism in Patagonia, is to insert the translations of some of the wiki-words in the program “Costruire l’Italiano” (Building the Italian language), a language and culture course for the youth descendants of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The aim of the course, approved by the Council of Italians from Emilia-Romagna in the World, is to provide a better knowledge of the economic, social, cultural and touristic aspects of the Emilia-Romagna.

PS: we also hope to start as soon as possible with #capapic, the other part of the project suggested by our online community. However, the relative laws and regulations in force, concerning the photographic reproduction and the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, do not allow the reproduction of the pics on the digital networks. For this reason #capapic has to be on the sidelines [but hopefully not for long ;]


WHO: common people, institutions, municipalities, tourist boards, tourist information centres.

WHAT: to create, to amend and to keep updated the items (entries) regarding cultural and touristic life in Emilia Romagna region on Wikipedia

WHY: to share a treasure

WHEN: now

WHERE: We use as a guideline the notability page provided by Wikipedia

HOW: check the registry of the project and chose your word, fill in the form (request of adoption) than follow your baby’s growth and choose what contents need to be added (texts, pictures, video). For any further info you could drop an email to



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