New Year’s Eve in EmiliaRomagna: just let the music carry you away!


New Year’s Eve in EmiliaRomagna: just let the music carry you away!

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Let the music carry you away on NEW YEAR’S EVE in EmiliaRomagna, this, my impartial advice!
There are several events that are waiting to be lived, from Piacenza to Rimini; if you haven’t decided yet what to do, and are in search of some ideas on how to spend the last day of 2018 in the best possible way, check this little guide.

Here you will find DJ sets, free concerts that, in my opinion, will make you dance and entertain till late night in the piazzas and cities of Emilia-Romagna.

New Year's Eve in EmiliaRomagna, Ravenna | Pic by Luca Concas

New Year’s Eve in Ravenna | Pic by Luca Concas

New Year's Eve in Romagna


Let’s start from the “deep” South from the city of Rimini that also for 2018 new year’s eve welcomes in a single large program all events scheduled from December 6 to January 6: New Year in Romagna.
In Rimini, it will take place the LIVE free concert of two of the most famous Italian singer NEK and The Giornalisti. From 9 pm NEK’s music will accompany the spectators by the hand until midnight when the fireworks light up the sea in winter.
At that point, the big party will move to Piazza Malatesta where the musician Marco Rissa, historian guitarist of the Italian Band The Giornalisti, will perform in an unprecedented set of lights and eclectic sounds.

New Year's Eve EmiliaRomagna

New Year’s Eve in Rimini


If you like dancing, Riccione is the right place for you. Come from tradition, the green pearl of the Adriatic will host Radio Deejay and his dream team, one of the most famous Italian Radio Station. The New Year’s Eve will be increasingly a new entertainment offer, for the first time spread over three stages (Viale Ceccarini, Piazzale Ceccarini, the bridge on the canal of Viale Dante), three artistic proposals to involve more places in the city.
On the main stage, this year’s line-up features Rudy Zerbi, La Pina, Valentina Ricci, Chicco Giuliani, Alessio Bernaei, the Qluedo, and Antonio Mezzancella, one of the most popular artists in the latest edition of Tale and which show.


Fireworks and toasts in the square are scheduled in San Leo, one of the most fascinating historical and fascinating villages of Romagna Area. At the stroke of midnight, a fireworks display from the Fortress will animate the longest night of the year with parties and toasts in the square for a crackling start of 2019.


A big New Year’s Eve party organized in the evocative setting of the Magazzini del Sale area. This is, in short, the program of Cervia’s New Year, a big party with the inevitable fireworks show, including the “fire” of the Magazzino del Sale Darsena.


The small seaside village of Cesenatico relies on the traditional “New Year on the Harbor“, an outdoor event animated by the music and energy of the Moka Club and the DJ set by Radio Bruno.


A New Year in the name of party and entertainment is what awaits you in the ancient Byzantine city. This year the arrival of the New Year is celebrated in Piazza del Popolo with a great concert dedicated to soul and gospel music. On the stage in the heart of the city, Cheryl Porter & The Hallelujah Gospel Singers will drag citizens and tourists.
To make the atmosphere magical we will then think of the 3D video mapping installations of the Ravenna in Luce festival that will feature the Basilica of San Vitale, the MAR Museum and finally Piazzetta of the Unity of Italy with two video projections dedicated to the theme of travel.
Many local restaurants will be open during the night for aperitifs, dinners, and cocktails. Finally, the party will move to the Artificerie Almagià where, until the first light of the morning, you can toast the New Year by dancing to the rhythm of the music.

New Year's Eve in Ravenna | Pic by Luca Concas

New Year’s Eve in Ravenna | Pic by Luca Concas


As usual, the sea town of Gatteo on January 1 offers an afternoon of fun, to continue to exchange greetings, to dance and to toast. To continue with the holidays for the new year starting at 15 on the stage of Piazza Vesi will arrive the dance Liscio di Moreno “Il Biondo” Conficconi and his Orchestra the Great Event.
Finally, in the evening, do not miss the performances by Andrea Mingardi and Luigi Del Bianco that will propose a selection of dance music from the 70s to today.


In Ferrara, the party starts at 9.30 pm with a concert by one of the most overwhelming bands in the world of Italian music, Yano Project Live concert. At midnight it will be the turn of one of the most anticipated events of the Ferrara New Year, the great fire of the Estense castle: a unique show, famous throughout Italy, a perfect marriage between fireworks and music … and soon after, from 00.30 to 3, the evening will continue with a DJ set entrusted to Zoo School, the average of Italian students with more than 6 million users.

New Year's Eve in Ferrara | Pic from

New Year’s Eve in Ferrara | Pic from


For the New Year’s Eve party, the city of Comacchio, which has its distinctive element in the water, embraces the element of fire with the fascinating spectacle of the Trepponti on fire. Also for the evening of the last year, Comacchio returns to its ancient splendor with delicious dinners in the enchanting and historical rooms of the Museum of the Ancient Delta, with a visit to the museum, and to Palazzo Bellini.
At midnight then everyone in the square until late at night with the fireworks on Trepponti and the Dj set by Radio Sound.


New Year's Eve in Bologna and Modena


There is no new year that is respectable if at midnight it is not in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna in front of the Vecchione pyre, but this year it is a completely new idea: a “participated” Vecchione built from a series of laboratories in which citizenship has actively participated.
After the bonfire the party in the square will continue until 1.30 and then spread to the clubs and clubs of the city which, thanks to city line buses, will also be accessible at night: the service of lines 14n, 20n and 25n, already normally active on Saturday, it will also be extended to New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve EmiliaRomagna Bologna

New Year’s Eve party in Bologna


An orchestra spectacle active and contemporary heir of a sparkling tradition, bright juggling, acrobatic dance and lighting effects for “Kisses and hugs at midnight”, now a traditional free New Year’s Eve party in Modena, which will also take place on December 31st scenario of Piazza Roma dominated by the facade of Palazzo Ducale, home of the Military Academy.
Mirko Casadei, son of Raoul, “king of the smooth”, and great-grandson of Secondo, the author of “Romagna mia”, will accompany the Modenese in the transition from 2018 to 2019. The Mirko Casadei orchestra will perform an evening in a pop key to dance and sing, between musical contaminations and a wide repertoire with the most famous songs of the ’60s,’ 70s and ’80s.


New Year's Eve in Emilia


Parma celebrates the transition to the new year with the traditional free concert in Piazza Garibaldi, open to all those who want to meet up to celebrate together in the square on the night of December 31st. After a year full of great successes all over the world, to get on stage for the New Year’s Eve, will be the famous band PFM – Premiata Forneria Marconi, which will bring a special concert Il Suono del Tempo.
The start of the concert is scheduled for 23.00 and, after having celebrated midnight with the public of the square, will continue until about one when leaving the post to a DJ set that will continue to animate the square until 2.30.

New Year's Eve EmiliaRomagna, Parma

New Year’s in Eve Parma


It will be the Italian singer Daniele Silvestri the expected protagonist of the great New Year’s concert in Reggio Emilia.
Starting from 22.45 on December 31st, in Piazza Martiri on July 7th, the artist will return live to celebrate in music the arrival of 2019 together with the entire population of Reggio.
An evening dedicated to singing and dancing the most emotional and famous pieces by Daniele Silvestri, an artist who has always been able to inflame the public and thrill at the same time.


A classic noble dinner is organized at the medieval Gropparello’s Castle where gala clothes, ancient lodges, and illuminated woods will be the exceptional location of the last night of the year.
At midnight it will be the moment of the classic toast in the garden under the stars where, between fountains of fire and sparkling light, will be served Champagne, handmade Panettone, and pastry mignon.
For all those who wish, the evening will then continue with the evocative guided night tour of the castle in search of … ghosts!
For those who are passionate about disco, from 0:30 music and dances with lights and colors and at 1.30 will be served lentils and cotechino “della Buona sorte”.



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