| 20 October 2017

A 5-day walk from the Adriatic Sea to the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines through the atmospheric and breathtaking Valmarecchia valley, a landscape of forests, rivers and fortified old hilltop towns – a completely new experience infused with… Read more >>

| 21 August 2017

The Little Cassian Way is an ancient Roman road that extends the route of the better-known Cassian Way through the country between Modena and Bologna. It has been extensively used, from when the Apennine valleys… Read more >>

| 07 August 2017

The Romea Strata Way is the name given to a series of age-old ways from central and eastern Europe to the north-eastern gateway to the Italian peninsula and the city of Rome. The routes down… Read more >>

| 24 July 2017

To discover the origins of the Romea Nonantolana Way, we have to go back to the 7th century. The northern part of the Italian peninsula was divided into the lands belonging to the Longobards and… Read more >>

| 10 July 2017

Take an assortment of centuries-old local pilgrim paths (around Assisi, La Verna, Cerbaiolo, Montecasale and Montepaolo) associated with various old traditional devotions, join them together, and you get the Assisi Way. These trails give visitors… Read more >>

| 26 June 2017

In 1236, Alberto of Stade, Abbot of the Benedictine monastery of St Mary’s in Stade, Germany, went to Rome to ask Pope Gregory IX’s permission to introduce a stricter new regime. Although the pope agreed, the… Read more >>