Nature and Parks

| 30 October 2017

Great Thins are done, when men and mountains meet. – William Blake   “Winter is coming”, that’s what the Stark would say in Game of Thrones. As winter is approaching it’s almost time to wear… Read more >>

| 20 October 2017

Five days of walking from the Adriatic Sea to the Tosco-Romagna Apennines along the fascinating and exciting Valmarecchia, where forests, rivers and fortified and perched villages characterize the landscape. For a completely new experience, in… Read more >>

| 13 October 2017

There are many ways to travel, discover a place and live tourism. Today we return to talk about that type of tourist experience that allows you to explore a territory in respect and safeguard of… Read more >>

| 18 September 2017

If you think that the arrival of autumn brings an end to out-door trips and that lively evenings are just a memory of summer, you’re wrong! The Foreste Casentinesi National Park is about to start… Read more >>

| 21 August 2017

The Piccola Cassia Way is a ancient Roman road that continues the itinerary of the most famous Via Cassia, crossing the territory between Modena and Bologna. Its use over time was increased, extending from the… Read more >>

| 07 August 2017

They were named the Via Romea Strata a series of ancient itineraries which reached the gates of the northeastern boundaries of the Italian peninsula and the city of Rome from North Central and Eastern Europe…. Read more >>