#myER_Cinema, the new Instagram contest


#myER_Cinema, the new Instagram contest

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New month and here we are with the new Instagram contest running during the month of July. It will be devoted to the places in Emilia Romagna that have been used for shooting films or inspired movies with the hashtag #myER_Cinema!
But not only sets and romantic landscapes that have host some of the most unforgettable Italian movies, but also places uses today as opena air cinema, as the one in piazza Maggiore in Bologna.


In Emilia Romagna 59 films have been filmed, and this land gave birth to Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci, Pupi Avati just to mention some of the great directors

What you have to do, as usual, is to take your time until the 20th of July to send us your pictures describing places used as set or that have inspired movies, or the open air arena where the magical atmosphere of the 7th art is created during summer nights.

Rules are always the same, hashtag is  #myER_Cinema and do not forget to mention place and caption.

The 21st of July the finalists will be selected and the prize is… drums rools…a weekend for 2 people in the footstep of Don Camillo & Peppone in Brescello Today the little town of Brescello laying along the Po River, hosts two museums telling the history of Guareschi and his characters.

Don Camillo e Peppone

In Emilia Romagna we also host some Film Festivals like the Biografilm in Bologna or the Mosaico d’Europa MEFF in Ravenna; in Ferrara you could also enjoy a specific itinerary set around the movies  and in Rimini a complete guide will lead you through the city with the eyes of Fellini

As usual we are setting some short trips for you, stay tuned.

Thanks to Daniele Tarozzi for the pic