#myER the exhibition of your pics is open!


#myER the exhibition of your pics is open!

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Ready to see the best of your pics? #myER: EmiliaRomagna through your eyes  is ready to open!

From today until Sat 18th of October the exhibition will be hosted in Palazzo Malvezzi Hercolani at the townhall of Castel Guelfo di Bologna

Opening hours: Monday: 2pm-8pm; tuesday-friday: 10am-8pm; saturday and sunday: 10am-8.30pm.


Virgilio Malvezzi built the palace in 1448, when he obtained the lordship of this land. It spreads across the center of the castle fitting harmoniously with the environment. The rank of the dwelling is underlined by his retreat on the road through the village, by the removal of the front portico and the compactness of the linear and qualified only from the large arched portal and balcony supported by three corbels.

The opposite square emphasizes the centrality and importance of this site.

There’s almost nothing left of the original rooms as a result of continuous works throughout the centuries, the only intact remains of the original compartments is the wide and bright of the stairs, designed in sober baroque style.

The exhibition devoted to places and characteristics of Emilia Romagna region (from medioeval boroughs to castels and parks, to fast cars at deli food) will show the 18 winnning photos of the 2013 edition and 50 pics of the day.

Strolling around the town Palazzo del Podestà  is a not to be missed site. It is now used as private homes and for business, it was probably built  around the middle of the fifteenth century .

The building catch the attention by its size, and in particular for its tower, higher than the surrounding civilian buildings, and for the presence of a pointed arched doorway framed by a bolognese terracotta frieze.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Castelguelfo di Bologna for the kind hospitality

Enjoy the visit!

ps: in Castelguelfo there is also a superb outlet 🙂


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