#myER_Moments, the new (and last) Instagram Contest


#myER_Moments, the new (and last) Instagram Contest

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Here we are after another year of beautiful pics collected and enjoyable short trips we have shared with all of you. For the last contest we propose you to focus on your magic moments, unique spots that you had the chance to live or to witness in Emilia Romagna

Like the last Insta contest of 2013, we would like to go a bit deeper on your emotions and feelings and ask you to share with the community something special. So please give us the opportunity to see your most precious instants, moments you will never forget.

It could be related to people, to places, to monuments, to situations, anything that in your personal opinion it’s unique in that specific moment. The collection of your pics will be a sort of portrait of Emilia Romagna region “painted” by many fingers with a click.


As usual the contest will open the 1st of November and will last the 20th. Please use the hashtag #myER_Moments and do not forget to add a caption!

The 21st of November we will publish the 20 finalists that you will vote until the 30th of November. Prize for the winner is a Test Drive on a Ferrari car at Autodromo di Modena..one of the most exceptional experiences that you can do in Emilia-Romagna!

No more short trips are planned for this last contest but we will keep you posted on what’s on around the region.


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