my Emilia Romagna

| 17 January 2018
Want to enjoy a crazy culinary adventure??!! Watch this segment from the Bologna episode of Season two of Dream of Italy: (function(d, s, id) { var... Read more >>
| 08 November 2017
"5 days in Italy: 980 pictures taken". This is just a small selection of the many photographs taken by travel-blogger Emiel Van Den Boomen aka @ActofTraveling... Read more >>
| 06 November 2017
"Even as that stream which holdeth its own course The first from Monte Veso tow'rds the East, Upon the left-hand slope of Apennine, Which is above... Read more >>
| 25 October 2017
The territory identified by the LoveTaro&Ceno brand is a geographical area that unites the 16 towns rising in the valleys along the Rivers Taro and... Read more >>
| 18 October 2017
Let's join Daryl and Mindi Hirsch (aka 2foodtrippers) in Emilia Romagna as they have the ultimate Italian Gelato experience at Carpigiani Gelato University,... Read more >>
| 04 October 2017
Ravenna is a natural observatory on what happens inside and around the mosaic. Its history and monuments offer an immense both visual and cultural horizon... Read more >>