| 01 June 2018

When summer is about to come, music starts to play louder, to make hear its beats and peeps out from theatres and clubs, invading parks and squares and building stages where to sound out. The… Read more >>

| 18 April 2018

As soon as you go out from work, one day like another, you sense something different, you immediately feel that spring has arrived. In the evening, before, there was no one along the streets, just… Read more >>

| 25 October 2016

Halloween in Emilia Romagna is not only synonymous with masquerade parties and nights dreadful, but it is also the time of UrbanHiking, the initiative that let you discover the hidden corners of our Art Cities…. Read more >>

| 01 September 2016

It is started today Wiki Loves Monuments, the world’s largest photo contest in which to portray the Italian artistic and monumental heritage. In partnership with Wikimedia Foundation, the Tourism Board of Emilia Romagna has organized… Read more >>

| 17 August 2016

Here we are August, the much-desired moment of relaxation of the year. But if the holidays are a period of rest after the efforts of the past year, for some can be a real nightmare… Read more >>

| 23 September 2010

The city center as a widespread library. That’s probably the most suitable metaphor to describe Artelibro, the Art Book Festival that will be held in Bologna from the 24 till the 26th of September. The… Read more >>