Epiphany #inEmiliaRomagna: 5 events to attend


Epiphany #inEmiliaRomagna: 5 events to attend

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The Epiphany is the sweetest holiday of the year, literally! Therefore, to start the year in the most delicious and amusing way I recommend you some events that will be held in the hamlets and cities of Emilia Romagna, so you can choose which city and events to enjoy on the weekend from Jenuary 5 to 7.

To consult the many other events that will be held you can visit the website of the region.

Castle of Gropparello (PC)

Are you a lover of historical entertainment and live role playing? At the Enchanted Reception and Befana’s Challenge at the Castle, the old lady calls the boys and girls to defend the castle from the orcs and witches of Evil! You will live an exciting day with adventures, skill tests, animation. You will also visit the castle and woods, snacks are included for the whole family. Why not taking a break at the Taverna with a tasty Buffet?

San Matteo della Decima (BO)

The festival takes place in San Matteo della Decima on the 5th and 6th of January, where the boys disguise themselves and recite nursery rhymes in dialect to get some sweet rewards; at nighttime it is possible to admire the typicals “Roghi delle Befane” that burn in different parts of the village, while people yell: “A brùsa la Vècia”! (Burn the old lady!). It is precisely the traditional moment when the year ends, and the new one is ready to begin; htat’s the reason we use to say: “Epiphany takes away all holidays”, indeed after January 6 the peasants resumed agricultural work, to give life to a new and prosperous harvest.

Forlì (FC)

According to tradition, the “Befana comes with…” will be held on January 6 in Forlì with an event of animations, games and solidarity initiatives with a project in favor of the Municipality of Norcia, struck by the earthquake. Sunday 7 instead, a path for children and adults will be held to discover the animal-symbol animals that decorate the artistic treasures of the town of Forlivese, as part of the appointments Squares of Enchantment that will be held until January 14th.

Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)

For young sportsmen and sportswomen, an interesting alternative may be the Happyfania Volley, which returns following the success of previous editions, in the days around the Epiphany (January 4-6). An indoor national youth volleyball tournament organized in the municipality of Bellaria Igea Marina, against the backdrop of the winter sea.

Comacchio (FE)

Comacchio animates the center with Avan le Vacie and awaits you with the parade of witches, the markets of epiphany with sweets, books and exhibitions of handicrafts and to conclude a show pyro-musical. All with free admission and entertainment for people of all ages. You can take the opportunity to explore the town renamed “Little Venice” characterized by its colorful historic center, the brick bridges and canals, a village to be discovered, not far from Ferrara and Ravenna for those who had more time available.


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