[Emilia Romagna Villages] Busseto, Verdi and much more


[Emilia Romagna Villages] Busseto, Verdi and much more

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Giuseppe Verdi and the taste of happiness: this is the perfect description of busseto, orange flag village in the heart of Parma’s territory, a music travel with many wine and food ideas. You will find incredible food and wine products, a real full immersion to discover the man outside its music background, with its passions, discovered with all the 5 senses! Let’s start our journey

Busseto, not only music

Busseto village, not so far form the Great River and the famous Via Emilia, ita a typical Emilia-Romagna’s hamlet, with little farm houses and long ways, colonnades and small palaces. Giuseppe Verdi was born in Busseto on the 10th of October 1813, in a little house of the countryside. In this area he loved farming and producing wines, with a strong character, and the wish to help its village, and for this reason he gave a lot of money to build the communal theatre. He was a protagonist of the Italian Renaissance, with another famous character of these places, Giovannino Guareschi. An interesting instrument to visit Busseto is the Tourist Card, a free given card that allows you to visit all the  Verdi’s places, other than reductions in restaurants and structures. There is nothing better of a good lunch in one of the taverns, tasting the food that Verdi has loved so much. For those who like nature we recommend a visit to the Po River area, not so distant from Busseto, and if you have a camper here all the authorized stopping points.

To know

Its history has very ancient roots which date back to the 10th century, and for almost five hundred years it was the capital of Stato Pallavicino. The first written sources the name “Busseto” were in the form of “Buxetum”, which dates from the early twelfth century. It is believed that the town’s name derives from “buxus” (meaning boxwood) or, in another form, as “busetum”.

To see

The main square in Busseto is dedicated to Verdi, although realized during the 15th century, and a great monument was created 100 years ago in its center. There is also a theatre dedicated to the master, situated in the in the castle, where every tourist has to go one time in life. The Casa Berezzi museum, is very important to study the life of Verdi,  because is where he has studied in his early years and where he has fall in love. A lot of remembers and relics, missives, paints and original furnitures. Pallavicino house, near the city center, is the location of the National Museum Giuseppe Verdi. Not so distant you can also find Giovannino Guareschi Archive House if you want to discover the political, social and cultural history of Italy after the second World War.

To do

: find this area by bike and cruising on the Po
Summer: discover the taste Museums and the incredible Castles
Autumn: taste the products of Verdi’s lands and the November pork festival, the annual dete dedicated to porks and all the connected food
Winter: a visit to Verdi’s house in Villanova D’Arda and then a good lunch with a strong wine!


– 4 Sundays of Carnival, Il Gran Carnevale di Busseto – Gran Carnevale storico della risata e della musica: to commemorate the most funny period of the year in Verdi’s land with carnival floats and special food recipes.
– in October – Verdi Festival: every year a date in Busseto’s theatre, in 2017 La Traviata is already established.

emilia romagna borghi - busseto Gran Carnevale Storico di Busseto 4

Gran Carnevale Storico di Busseto

Food and wine

Parma and the nearby zones are the real heart of the Emilia-Romagna’s Food Valley, with a large choice of many high quality products of these lands. This is our recommendation for a km 0 menu: at first we can’t resist to the typical taste of cold cuts, Culatello di Zibello DOPSpalla cotta di San Secondo and the Strolghino  the king of salami, the king of cheese Parmigiano Reggiano and the tasting Torta fritta, and then tortelli alle erbette e anolini and the sweet Spongata. All combined with a perfect drink, Fortana’s wine!

Famous characters

Giuseppe Verdi, but this is probably expected (we are joking)

Giovannino Guareschi, who was born in Fontanellato, not so far from Busseto, and author of the little world of Peppone and Don Camillo, two famous characters of the Italian comedy.

emilia romagna borghi - busseto tomba guareschi

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