BlogVille 2016: Live like a local in Emilia Romagna


BlogVille 2016: Live like a local in Emilia Romagna

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This week kicked off the 5th edition of BlogVille, the project organized by APT Servizi together with iAmbassador network that leads the travel-bloggers from around the world in Emilia-Romagna and leaves them free to go to discover the beauty of our land according to their attitudes and interests.

After the open call for nominations (which this year collected about a hundred requests), were selected 15 among the best travel bloggers and lifestyle from Europe, North America, the United States and the UAE, who will be guests of the new edition of BlogVille for a week each.

Every week, and for five weeks, from June 6 to July 11 three bloggers will be based at BlogVille’s headquarter, an apartment in the heart of Bologna, and from there they will be free to discover the genuine experience and independent style of life of Emilia-Romagna, each of them with its own original itinerary.

Guests of this first week of the project are Patricia Papp aka @viajocomfilhos from Brazil that is traveling with Luiza, her 7 year old daughter; Natasha Amar aka @The_BohoChica from Dubai and Dave Brett aka @traveldaveuk from Britain;
Today we want to show you the first shots of this new adventure:

  • @viajocomfilhos | Chegada em Bologna!

  • @viajocomfilhos | No alto da Torre degli Asinelli, depois de subir 498 degraus!

  • @viajocomfilhos | Diversão em Bologna

  • @thebohochica | Today I climbed the 498 steps of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna, all the while panting and telling myself the view over the city would be worth it. I wasn’t wrong, how incredible is it?!

  • @patipapp | Paraíso de quem gosta de comer bem

  • @thebohochica | I earned every delicious creamy bit of this masterpiece

  • @viajocomfilhos | Buongiorno Bologna!

  • @traveldaveuk | Arrived in the beautiful Italian city of Bologna!

  • @traveldaveuk | When the sun starts to set, Bologna comes to life

  • @thebohochica | Looking up inside the International Museum and Library of Music in Bologna

  • @thebohochica | Today I went on a musical journey in Bologna, the UNESCO City of Music. I learnt about the prestigious musical traditions of the city and met Mr. Stefanini, a violin-maker, just one of four professional violin-makers in the city

  • @thebohochica | The other highlight of yesterday here in Bologna was learning how to make pasta

  • @thebohochica | That’s what the final result of our hard work at the Pasta making class looked like

  • @viajocomfilhos | Hoje de manhã pegamos um trem em Bologna até Ferrara e este é o Castello Mesola

  • @traveldaveuk Today I’ve been exploring the region of Modena. Wine, salami, balsamic vinegar and Ferrrai, this area has it all

  • @viajocomfilhos | Só tem coisa boa por aqui!

  • @thebohochica | We did a quick photo stop at the Castle of Mesola before moving on to the Po Delta in Emilia Romagna and I found my perfect shot

  • @viajocomfilhos | As vitrines de Bolonha são demais!

  • @thebohochica | As a nature lover I couldn’t be happier to explore the Po Delta. The safari had me smiling from ear to ear. Today was magical

  • @thebohochica | Don’t waste another minute living a life that isn’t exactly what you want with all your heart

  • @viajocomfilhos | Isola della Amore. Juro que é na Itália!

  • @patipapp | Porto Garibaldi

  • @thebohochica | Real life is even better than dreams

  • @thebohochica | Lighthouse on an uninhabited island in the Po Delta. The kind of place where you don’t need anything else but the beauty of nature to keep you for hours.

  • @thebohochica | At the old lighthouse in the Po Delta, our guide and fisherman Lucio surprised us with a picnic of homemade pickled sardines prepared by his wife. It was delicious!

  • @patipapp | Comacchio, a mini Veneza

  • @viajocomfilhos | Comacchio é conhecida como mini Venezia e ficou famosa porque o filme “La dona donna del fiume”, com Sophia Laurent foi filmado lá

  • @patipapp | Ferrara. Mais uma rua de guarda chuvas!

  • @thebohochica | Still can’t believe this is the square that’s right outside my doorstep in the Blogville apartment. What a beautiful place to live in!


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