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| 22 October 2020

Parma’s Piazza del Duomo is one of those frustrating Italian main squares where there’s simply too much awe to fit in one perfect photo. The octagonal Battistero (Baptistry) soars skyward in a Romanesque-Gothic marriage of… Read more >>

| 16 October 2020

On the walls of Ferrara, you can walk or go by bike, you can jog or just relax after a good lunch. Any hour of the day is good to stop by, any excuse is welcome. After… Read more >>

| 15 October 2020

If ever there was a poetic allure tempting the culturally enlightened to explore a destination, it is Emilia-Romagna’s Ravenna, a city that’s both undeserved of its regional underdog status but all the better for it… Read more >>

| 12 October 2020

Would you like to feel like a lord or lady, waited on and pampered in a luxurious setting? If you’re looking for a relaxing and cultural break, here are the two castles in the province… Read more >>