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| 08 April 2019

Discovering the “Alta Via Trail of the Parks“, the trail that crosses the Apennines of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. A trail of 550 kilometers through eight National Natural Parks and connected by a single billboard along… Read more >>

| 04 April 2019

There is no other city in the world with more porticoes than Bologna: all together, and only taking into consideration the city centre, they are more than 38 km long, reaching 53 km if counting… Read more >>

| 03 April 2019

Among the most genuinely traditional recipes of the Romagna region, the Original Cappelletti or “Caplét“, as they say in dialect, they are one of the most famous recipes Italian cuisine, appreciated by locals also due to… Read more >>

| 02 April 2019

Euro Culture Trip In September 2018 a group of bloggers & videographers travelled across the regions of Emilia Romagna (IT), Costa Brava (ES) and Graz (AT) to embrace local culture and discover ancient traditions. Here… Read more >>

| 29 March 2019

Nothing is more beneficial than salt and sun (Pliny the Elder) Sometimes, an extra touch of salt in life could enrich our days and make us see the world around us with completely different eyes…. Read more >>

| 22 March 2019

170 years passed since that August 1849, when Romagna, and especially its peoples, played a central role in one of the most important and edifying chapters of the Italian Risorgimento. Maybe, it was a story… Read more >>

| 22 March 2019

What is Granfondo Davide Cassani? And what is like to race it? Discover everything through the experience of youtuber Cameron Jeffers! First day in Italy, unfortunately I forgot a pump… Today I got the chance… Read more >>

| 18 March 2019

Woods and green pinewoods, a rich population of flora and fauna, valleys and basins of freshwater and salted water, fresh and brackish water valleys and rivers that flow into the Adriatic: these are the quintessential… Read more >>