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| 04 February 2021

Nestled on the hills that build the natural landscapes of the valley of the river Parma, the CASTLE OF TORRECHIARA is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary and important castles in Emilia-Romagna, if not in… Read more >>

| 01 February 2021

In the early 1800s, one of the inventors of photography could be meet close to Piazza Grande. He was William Henry Fox Talbot, looking for Giovanni Battista Amici, among the best known optical instruments makers… Read more >>

| 01 February 2021

The Borgia Ring isn’t a piece of jewellery to wear on your finger, and it’s not about court gossip either. This heritage treasure is a cycle tour in the heartland of Ferrara – fertile country… Read more >>

| 25 January 2021

If you’re following our Emilia-Romagna Walks and Ways, you’ll have noticed that two of the pilgrim paths in our region are called the Romea Nonantolana Way and the Longobarda-Romea Strata Nonantolana Way. They’re named after… Read more >>