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| 06 December 2019

For those who do not know, Santarcangelo di Romagna rises on a little hill behind Rimini that has the high-flown name of Monte Giove (Mount Jupiter). A few people suggest that this name comes from the famous… Read more >>

| 05 December 2019

A photographic tour of Emilia-Romagna, between cities of art and villages, in December when the city centers light up thanks to the sparkling lights and Christmas decorations. If you also want to contribute to telling… Read more >>

| 04 December 2019

If you ask in the area between Bologna and Modena what is the favorite dish for children from 0 to 99 years, you will probably receive a 100% concordant answer: tortellini in brodo! Not only… Read more >>

| 28 November 2019

Spread throughout Italy, they certainly arouse curiosity every time they hit again the headlines—even for just a moment. Most of these villages are lost in the mountains, and they are often the subject of legends… Read more >>

| 27 November 2019

Relatives, endless dinners and lunches in the family, bingo, card games and so on and so forth. Spending Christmas in a family in Italy can sometimes turn into an endless marathon, so much so that… Read more >>

| 26 November 2019

This is the story of one of the most famous dishes of the culinary tradition of Parma, one of those dishes that make everybody agree, that can get you feel the embrace of the family… Read more >>

| 22 November 2019

Vintage and brand clothing, jewellery and precious objects, but also furniture of some years back and craft objects that you would have never imagined to find on the stalls of a market. All this at affordable… Read more >>

| 15 November 2019

Who like me has taken his first steps in the charming land of Romagna can certainly not forget the unmistakable aroma that spread in the house of the grandparents on cold winter evenings. Every self-respecting… Read more >>

| 14 November 2019

Culture is at home in Emilia Romagna, as evidenced (also) by its numerous historical libraries. From university libraries, to statal, provincial, municipal, scientific, ecclesiastical ones, with an estimated heritage of more than twentyone million documents,… Read more >>

| 11 November 2019

There’s a unique and special day in Romagna, which is repeated every year according to an ancient rite and never ceases to enchant our senses. A day that makes us feel that sense of waiting,… Read more >>