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| 30 June 2021

Photo tour leading from Rubiera, in the Reggio Emilia province, to San Giovanni in Persiceto, a stone’s throw from Bologna. It starts with the exhibitions proposed by Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea (as… Read more >>

| 18 May 2021

We have talked about it more than once and we will never stop repeating it: in Emilia-Romagna, there are loads of fascinating villages where to discover the artistic, historical, cultural and food and drink heritage of this… Read more >>

| 14 May 2021

This year, Emilia Romagna, especially the city of Ravenna, is commemorating the 700th anniversary of the death of the country’s greatest poet: Dante Alighieri. In anticipation of this significant occasion, there are a number of… Read more >>

| 10 May 2021

From the seaside resorts of Ferrara up to the border of the Marche Region, 7 beaches in Emilia Romagna have been awarded with the 2018 Blue Flag certification, this according to Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE),… Read more >>