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| 07 June 2019

I suppose that at least once in a lifetime, even though not understanding that much, you tried to play on your computer Mahjong. It’s the banner of several online sites but also the dear old… Read more >>

| 23 May 2019

You cannot certainly say that Romans were unprepared when they erected their walls. More than 2,000 years passed since their domain, but many visible traces of their building works are visible over Europe, being testimonies… Read more >>

| 17 May 2019

From the seaside resorts of Ferrara up to the border of the Marche Region, 7 beaches in Emilia Romagna have been awarded with the 2018 Blue Flag certification, this according to Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE),… Read more >>

| 10 May 2019

When summer is about to come, music starts to play louder, to make hear its beats and peeps out from theatres and clubs, invading parks and squares and building stages where to sound out. The… Read more >>