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| 14 November 2018

“The wine of Emilia-Romagna is, more than any other, a wine of love” Mario Soldati After the special episode dedicated to The Wines of Romagna, here we are today to tell you stories, curiosities and… Read more >>

| 23 October 2018

“Every project for us is the encounter between two different souls, that of the place and that of man“ The arrival of autumn marks the beginning of a new adventure for Dallara Automobili, the inauguration… Read more >>

| 19 October 2018

Sweet sinuous lines, stylization of the natural elements and rejection of the serial production of mass objects. Here is a brief description of the fundamental characteristics of the Italian Art Nouveau style, an artistic movement… Read more >>

| 17 September 2018

Health and Gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna have a connection that is lost in time. During the centuries this region in the North of Italy has selected its best foods and has been able to express 44 regional… Read more >>