Autore: Sara Mantovani

| 26 November 2014
Rimini area is so popular for nightlife, beaches and entertainment but actually thinking about the landscape you can find just few kms away from the movida... Read more >>
| 11 November 2014
We already had the occasion to present you this incredibly strong and powerful woman, Caterina Sforza. Until the end of November, visiting the Castrocaro... Read more >>
| 14 October 2014
The publishing house Il Mulino (founded in Bologna) celebrates its 60 birthday these days and Bologna will feast with a big event, the program includes... Read more >>
| 03 April 2014
The BlogVille Emilia Romagna project brings together since 2012 bloggers from all over the world to the Italian regions of Emilia Romagna and, starting... Read more >>
| 28 October 2013
Rimini is not only the lively and bubbly town everybody knows but it also hosts important remains of its past dating back to the Roman time. What did... Read more >>
| 25 October 2013
The week end is finally at the door and hoping the weather would be nice we would like to stroll around the beautiful city of Parma. Having just few hours... Read more >>