Autore: Arturo Castellini

| 06 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching with great strides, in the air you hear more and more the call of the cupid sweets ready to shoot their arrows, when all the lovers are preparing to prepare gifts… Read more >>

| 22 December 2017

What would Christmas be without a colorful tree to illuminate the squares of Emilia-Romagna? Today we will tell you the history of this tradition accompanied by the photographic story of the city trees along the Via… Read more >>

| 21 December 2017

In Emilia Romagna there are 20 villages that, despite being in the Apennines, hills or plains and have Roman, Medieval or Renaissance origins, have something in common: they are the Orange Flags villages of Emilia… Read more >>

| 14 December 2017

This week we talk about Forlì and its art in just three minutes reading time! Founded by the Romans in the II century with the name of Forum Livii, or the Foro di Livio, it… Read more >>

| 08 December 2017

Many are waiting for Christmas holidays all year round, others can not wait to finish as soon as possible. Whether you are among lovers of tradition and classic family lunches or alternatives looking for things… Read more >>

| 30 November 2017

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy, famous all over the world to be the center of summer fun in Emilia-Romagna, Rimini, in a dual reading key, between ancient times and renaissance to discover… Read more >>