Autore: Alessandra Pradelli

| 05 September 2016
The production of genuine Parma Ham is the story of a special relationship between man and nature. Since Roman times, the unique conditions of the Parma... Read more >>
| 23 August 2016
Her name is Fairy Bema and she's a gentle ghost for the young brides. She arrived for the first time in Montechiarugolo in the year 1593, during a visit... Read more >>
| 22 July 2016
Gabriele Basilico was (and he always will be) one of the artists who has most marked the history of the twentieth century photography. During March-April... Read more >>
| 14 July 2016
"I always say that in our blood there is no blue blood, there are pins". (Micol Fontana) Sorelle Fontana (literally "Fontana Sisters", also known as... Read more >>
| 08 July 2016
Few cities in the world can sum up the roaring spirit of the Belle Époque like Salsomaggiore Terme, near Parma. Salsomaggiore was the place to be for... Read more >>
| 22 June 2016
He is not only one of the artists whose Emilia Romagna (and Italy as well) is most proud, he is also, on closer inspection, one of the most passionate... Read more >>