| 26 October 2017

They are 14, they are different from each other in terms of characters and characteristics, but they share the same desire to redeem and become acquainted: they are the Most Beautiful Italian Villages that rise… Read more >>

| 25 October 2017

The last blog post dedicated to the Authentic Italian Villages is particularly important as it is dedicated to the Union of Municipalities of Romagna (around Forlì), composed of 15 municipalities: Bertinoro, Castrocaro Terme and Terra… Read more >>

| 13 October 2017

A few kilometers from the golden beaches, in the heart of the green hills of Valconca, there is a village of the Malatesta’s ancient family, also known as the “Malatesta Barn”. We are talking about… Read more >>

| 12 October 2017

Verucchio, the ancient hamlet that dominates Valmarecchia, is strategically located between the sea and the hill. Cradle of the Malatesta, gave birth to the “Mastin Vecchio” Malatesta by Verucchio, the founder of the dynasty, was… Read more >>

| 12 October 2017

Just imagine a land marked by fresh torrential waters and unblemished landscapes, without woods nor meadows, a place where the hand of time seems to have stopped and decided to move backwards. The small village… Read more >>

| 10 October 2017

A medieval village that fascinates travelers between modern cinema and ancient legends, in the heart of the High Val Trebbia, defined by Hemingway as “the most beautiful valley in the world”. A village, between culture… Read more >>